Power leggings are the new jeans: They claim to slim legs, flatten tums and make the wearer look motivated to achieve

  • CEO of Nike has said that leggings are the new denim
  • They reflect healthy lifestyle choices and makes the wearing appear fit 
  • Celebrities love wearing ‘athleisure' and recent leggings sales have soared

You might have spotted those lithe, Lycra-clad women on your way to work. Or gawped at the fit, seemingly bare-faced mums decked out in their finest sportswear at the school gates.

But the chances are they haven’t been up since 6am doing bicep curls. Nor have they been for a six-mile run.

Rather, they are proof of a huge sea-change in the way we dress. Or, as Mark Parker, CEO of Nike, puts it: ‘Leggings are the new denim.’

For here is the sartorial truth. Women are no longer wearing Lycra just for the gym.

With the vogue for wellness and healthy eating, leggings have become the surprising new status symbol to replace It-bags and designer heels. As for the power suit? Forget it.

Nowadays, it’s all about power leggings and a look that says you’re just on your way back from barrecore, the trendy ballet ‘barre’ exercise favoured by Victoria’s Secret lingerie models - even when you are, in fact, only heading to a coffee shop.

And leggings aren’t just fashionable - they also reflect a lifestyle choice.

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